World’s racists delighted to finally have positive role model in form of Jamie Vardy

Saying that it had been worth the wait, the world’s racists today expressed their delight at finally having a positive role model in the form of Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy.

Describing his rise to prominence as a timely boost to the racist community, a spokesman for a group representing racists all over the world hailed the forward as a “game changer” in how the world sees them.

“It’s nice that we finally have someone that shows the world that racists don’t have to be lazy free loaders but actually functioning and successful people,” said spokesman Pete Manning, adding that the group hoped Vardy’s success would remedy years of negative publicity for bigots the world over.

Manning added that he was hopeful Vardy’s escapades would prompt younger, more insecure racists to have the bravery to express their true feelings without fear of persecution.

“If someone like Jamie, who was brave enough to air his beliefs to the public, can achieve such high levels of popularity and professional success, then it shows that any racist can do it.”