Football fan in shock after experiencing measured, proportionate response


Describing the feeling as “highly uncomfortable” and one which he’d rather not go through again, a football fan has today revealed his shock after experiencing a measured response to a story about the team he supports.

Arsenal fan Dominic Cresswell admitted that he was left scarred by the incident, during which he exhibited a perfectly measured and normal human reaction to the opinion piece he read on Twitter.

“I was honestly all set to absolutely lose my mind but suddenly, out of nowhere, I just nodded my head, let out an inaudible sigh, and continued going about my day. It was surreal,” said Cresswell, adding that he was scared to see a side to himself he simply didn’t know existed.

“You assume you know your own personality better than anyone, that you can’t surprise yourself. But this really taught me that I need to make a concerted effort to ensure this sort of thing never happens again.”

At press time, a weeping Cresswell was speedily sending out abusive tweets in a bid to bury the traumatic memory.