Liverpool, Dortmund executives uspet football match set to interrupt great brand cooperation


Saying that it was a shame to take a break from such invaluable networking, Liverpool and Borussia Dortmund executives today revealed their disappointment that a football match is set to interrupt all the great brand cooperation they’ve been undertaking.

Speaking ahead of Thursday’s Europa League tie between the two sides, Liverpool chief executive Ian Ayre and Dortmund counterpart Hans-Joachim Watzke stated that while they accept the match must be played, it is time that could instead be spent continuing the great brand “banter” they’ve been working on in recent days.

“We knew it was always on the horizon but we’ve gotten so much great work done between these two amazing and iconic brands that it seems a bit of a waste to stall it all because of a silly game of football, you know?” admitted Ayre, adding that he hoped fans wouldn’t mind suffering through the competitive action before getting their next fix of “hilarious” and “useful” brand-on-brand engagement.

“We just hope the momentum isn’t lost when we resume.”

At press time, Ayre complimented his side’s German opponents but expressed confidence that Liverpool would still come out on top in the battle for Twitter Impressions.

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