Dier-Alli bromance just as exciting as title race, admits Spurs fan

"It's been really exciting to watch their relationship develop."

Watching the team fight for the title has been amazing but it’s just so rare to see a relationship flourish like this.”

Calling the burgeoning relationship between the two starlets one of the most interesting developments in the club’s recent history, a Tottenham Hotspur fan today admitted that the bromance currently developing between midfielder Eric Dier and Dele Alli is every bit as exciting as the Premier League title race the club finds itself in.

Speaking after yet another resounding performance, 29-year-old Jamie Langton revealed that while it was extremely pleasing to watch Mauricio Pochettino’s players compete at the highest level, few things have ever brought such warmth to his heart as the raw magnetism and tension evident between the two England international.

“Being in with a chance of winning the league at this stage of the season is beyond our wildest dreams, none of us ever expected it. But is it any more special than the look in those guys’ eyes when they exchange a brief glance? I don’t think so,” said the claims assessor, adding that while football is truly a magical sport, nothing beats having the opportunity to watch young love blossom in front of you.

“Whether it’s the stolen looks during a post-match interview or their hugs after the team scores, I think I speak for all of the club’s fans when I say I’m significantly more interested in watching their relationship develop than anything that’s happening on the pitch.”