Man abhors racism except when favourite team’s striker does it


Saying that it’s a disgusting practice but one that must be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, a local man has today revealed that he abhors racism except when his favourite team’s striker does it.

In an interview published by the Guardian, Leicester native Gary Lineker revealed that while he considers racism to be one of the worst forms of human behaviour, footballers usually aren’t racist so it’s okay.

“Judging and abusing someone due to the colour of their skin is an abhorrent act and something that makes my skin crawl. But Jamie Vardy has scored lots of goals and has great passion,” said the Match of the Day host, adding that he was certain Vardy would apologise if given the opportunity. “He must be sorry, and that’s enough for me.”

“What he did was awful, but we must take into account the joy he has brought the people of Leicester and, yes, even me. I feel that this gift he has so kindly given to each of us more than makes up for the upset he caused one solitary man.”