Louis van Gaal secretly hoping City and Liverpool keep destiny out of his side’s hands

(Photo: Ian Walton/Getty Images)

(Photo: Ian Walton/Getty Images)

Saying that it would just make a messy situation a whole lot easier, Louis van Gaal today admitted that he secretly hopes that Manchester City and Liverpool keep his side’s destiny out of their own hands.

“People say they’d rather have their destiny in their own hands but that’s rubbish. At least this way, if City and Liverpool win their competitions, I can sit back and say ‘Look, qualification for the Champions League was impossible anyway regardless of what we did’,” said the Dutchman, adding that it was certainly a more palatable thought than having to admit that his team were responsible for their own failure.

“It’ll save us a lot of time that otherwise might be wasted on soul-searching and introspection so it really works out best for everyone involved.”

At press time, van Gaal struggled to stifle his own laughter while assuring his squad that they do in fact retain a chance of finishing in fourth place.

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