Tottenham fan taking sarcastic suggestion to marry team more seriously than intended

Weighing up both the likelihood and the positives of the situation in the event it came to fruition, sources have confirmed that a Tottenham Hotspur fan was giving serious thought to a friend’s sarcastic suggestion that he marry the team if he likes them so much.

“On the one hand, it’s probably a little unlikely that all of them would marry me, but on the other hand I already have such a strong connection with them so it probably wouldn’t take too much effort,” said 29-year-old Jack Muldoon, adding that he had already practiced what he would say to the squad if he ever got the chance to propose.

“I know my mate was joking but the more I thought about it, it just seems right. I’m not celebrating anything just yet but, hey, you never know.”

At press time, a nervous Muldoon was impatiently waiting to see if the club’s official Twitter account had replied to one of his many messages.

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