Open-minded Twitter troll doesn’t allow team allegiances to get in way of being abusive weirdo 

Saying that in his line of work he has no room for partisanship, a self-described open minded and enlightened Twitter troll today revealed that he doesn’t allow football team allegiances to get in the way of his being an abusive weirdo to strangers.

Speaking from his bedroom on the upper floor of his mother’s home, Frank Plotz revealed that when it comes to verbally attacking people he has never met, it simply doesn’t matter whether they support his team, Stoke City, or not.

“It would be easy for me to be swayed by those who support Stoke too, but what sort of piece of shit would I be if I automatically avoided abusing someone for that reason alone?” mused the 23-year-old, adding that he prided himself on his consistent approach when spewing threatening vitriol at people he’s never met.

“At the end of the day I’m only as good as my last disgusting and disproportionate comment. I’d hate for people to think I’d ever allow myself to be compromised in such a way.”

At press time, a proud Plotz also revealed that he would never allow his attraction to and fear of women to stop him from treating them in an appalling and disturbing fashion.