Tottenham failure just about salvages season for Arsenal fan

Describing it as a glimmer of light in an otherwise horrible campaign, an Arsenal fan today admitted that rival Tottenham Hotspur’s likely failure to win the title has just about salvaged the season for him.

“Before that defeat, I was all set to pack this whole football lark in to be honest. But watching them struggle to break down a poor team at home when it really mattered reminded me why I watch the game,” said Josh McClintock, adding watching Spurs fail had gone some way to making up for his own side’s shortcomings.

“The whole Kane thing with the lions and then for them to fluff their lines like that; it’s what dreams are made of. You never expect something that cruelly funny to happen and then it does.”

At press time, McClintock revealed that despite his disappointment, he was hopeful that next season Arsenal might not force him to derive happiness solely from the misery of others.

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