Mankind happiest when remembering Gerrard slip, finds study


Mankind is at its most happy when remembering Steven Gerrard’s slip against Chelsea, according to a study conducted by the University of Manchester.

The research, carried out by a 20-strong team of anthropologists and psychologists, revealed that out of 2,000 subjects tested, 94 percent expressed feelings of unbridled warmth and joy while recalling the incident which occurred at Anfield two years ago.

“The results are extremely interesting. While we expected an upturn in mood we were unprepared for quite how ecstatic everyone would feel,” said lead researcher Dr. Paul Ferguson, adding that many people’s brain pleasure centres appeared to light up at the mere mention of the word “slip”.

“We have seen clear evidence throughout the entire observational process, from the breakout of a slight small when subjects are reminded of the slip, to a release of endorphin akin only to surviving a near-death experience when the memory is in full flow.”

At press time, the research team admitted that they had decided against actually showing people video footage of the slip after early attempts resulted in laughing-induced black outs.