Football about more than just performance, goals, results, entertainment and emotion, insists Pulis


Saying that his record speaks for itself, West Bromwich Albion manager Tony Pulis has today defended his management style, insisting that football is about much more than just performance, goals, results, entertainment and emotion.

“A lot of people watch the game on television and they think they know it all. But this sport is complicated and has more layers than people assume,” said the former Stoke City coach, adding that what his sides lack in quality, substance, consistent success and fun they make up for in other, less obvious ways.

“We may not be pretty, we may not be good, we may not be able to defend particularly well. But while it’s all well and good being able to dribble and score, if you can’t guarantee that 32 percent win ratio then it’s hardly worthwhile.

“At the end of the day attractive, winning football played with a joie de vivre may seem desirable, but when I look at the morose, vacant looks on the fans’ faces I know I’m doing my job.”

At press time, Pulis revealed that while he was pleased with his side’s overall performances this campaign, he was confident they could be playing with at least 20 percent less joy.