Jamie Vardy not sure he got enough sausage rolls for tonight


Stopping in his tracks as he walked home, Jamie Vardy reportedly spent ten minutes this afternoon pondering whether he had gotten enough sausage rolls in the shop.

Stocking up on supplies after inviting teammates over to watch the potentially title-deciding clash between Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea tonight, Vardy revealed that he was in no way confident that he had purchased a sufficient amount of Iceland frozen sausage rolls.

“Argh, bloody shite,” the England international was reported to have said while checking his watch to see if he had enough time to go back to pick up another packet. “I knew I should’ve just gone for the two and left the Black Forest gateau there.”

“Maybe if I slice each of them in half no-one will know? Shinji will probably be happy with rice so really, I should be able to spread it out if I add an extra mini pizza on everyone’s plate.”

At press time, a relieved Vardy had returned home to discover he already had four extra bags in his freezer.

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