Manuel Pellegrini “really going to town” on club credit card


Saying that he wanted to make the most of the time he still has at the club, Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini was seen strutting through Manchester city centre today making extravagant purchases with his club credit card.

Smiling from ear to ear with his club-issued MasterCard firmly clasped in his left hand, the Chilean reportedly cut a relaxed figure as he undertook what sources described as a “spree”.

“He is really going to town on that thing. I was behind him in the queue of one store and honest to God he spent £10,000 on just a few bags of shopping,” said one witness, saying that in all her time as a City fan, she had never seen the former Real Madrid coach as happy as he appeared today.

“And it’s not even stuff you’d imagine he’d need either,” added another member of the public. “It’s random shit like vases and enormous gold broaches. He really doesn’t give a shit at this stage.”

At press time, Pellegrini was seen driving a brand new Mercedes SLK350 around all of the city’s ATMs and withdrawing the maximum amount from each of them.

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