Mike Ashley sort of proud he still able to elicit such pain and anger from Newcastle fans

Mike Ashley

(Photo: Telegraph)

Saying that after a decade at the club he’s happy he can still provoke such emotions, Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley today revealed that he’s sort of proud that he’s still able to elicit such pain from the club’s fans.

With his club close to its second relegation in his decade in charge, the Sports Direct owner admitted that he had expected the club’s fans to be more apathetic to him at this stage.

“Despite all the troubles we’ve had, I must admit it fills me with a weird sort of pride to know that after everything I’ve put them through I can still provoke blind rage from the fans,” said the 51-year-old billionaire, adding that such palpable anger almost made him want to see how fans would react to a third relegation in the future.

“Obviously, it would be nicer to be winning things but it’s cool to look at the fans and see that the red-hot, seething anger is as prevalent today as it was when I arrived. It’s almost like an experiment for me these days – to see how angry I can make them – so it’s pretty fun.”

At press time, Ashley revealed that he was prepared for the possibility of relegation this season and would have a whole host of new measures to anger fans from next season onward.