“Maybe I can want Wenger out and not be massive weirdo about it,” thinks Arsenal fan


Shaking his head in astonishment that he hadn’t thought of it before, an Arsenal fan today weighed up the possibility of wanting manager Arsene Wenger out of the club while not being a massive weirdo about it.

Stopping in his tracks while on the verge of posting a vitriolic tweet on the Frenchman, 25-year-old John Raymond realised that it may be possible for him to favour a new manager in charge of the club and simultaneously act like a logical and normal human being.

“I’m just so accustomed to being a massive bell about it that I never even considered just wanting Wenger to leave and also being sensible,” said the fan, adding that he may even consider changing his Facebook and Twitter profile photos from “WENGER OUT” pictures to actual photographs of his face.

“It’s a pretty revolutionary step and as far as I know it’s never been done before but I’m willing to try; at least until that French twat is gone.”