Zlatan Ibrahimovic praises PSG teammates’ unwavering ability to know their place


Comparing his colleagues to the unglamorous foundations of a luxury apartment, Zlatan Ibrahimovic today praised his PSG teammates for their unwavering ability to know their place.

Speaking after his final game for the club, during which a moment’s applause was held in his honour in the 10th minute, the Swede spoke warmly about his fellow players.

“These guys have been working beneath for a long time now. At any point they could have bemoaned the preferential treatment I’ve received but they have not, and I admire them for their enthusiasm to fall in line,” said the former Barcelona forward, adding that while he not remember all of their names or faces, he will always remember the superiority he felt when working with them.

“It takes a special group of men to stand in the shadow of their betters at all times and never dare raise their heads above the parapet. This is one such group.”

At press time, Ibrahimovic responded to calls for Ligue 1 to renamed The Zlatan Ibrahimovic Cup, insisting that he had been calling it that all along.

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