Marcus Rashford just included to wind you all up, admits Roy Hodgson


Describing it as an essential part of every manager’s selection process, Roy Hodgson today admitted that he only included Marcus Rashford in his provisional England squad to wind you all up.

After naming the 18-year-old Manchester United forward as one of his 26-man line up on Monday, Hodgson revealed that he has been hugely impressed the youngster’s ability to annoy people as part of his squad.

“I believe in being thorough, and honestly, I didn’t think just leaving Theo Walcott would be enough to truly get under the skins of the Arsenal faithful. I had to pick a Man United youngster if I wanted to really annoy everyone. It was the only way to be sure,” said the former Fulham manager, adding that Rashford also offers the versatility to infuriate West Ham fans who believe Andy Carroll should be part of the squad.

“Marcus is a clever young lad and he really knows how to put himself about and really agitate people who care hugely about their team’s players being selected. As a manager, you really cannot ask for more.”

At press time, Hodgson confirmed that the subsequent Twitter reaction had left him in no doubt that he had made the right choice.

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