Graeme Souness unconvinced of Sevilla quality after thorough YouTube compilation analysis

Admitting that he simply hadn’t seen anything during the course of his research to truly catch his discerning eye, pundit Graeme Souness today revealed that he remains unconvinced of Sevilla’s quality after an afternoon of thorough YouTube compilation analysis.

Speaking before his former side’s clash with the Spaniards, the Liverpool legend stated that having spent time forensically analysing the Andalusian side, he had seen nothing to suggest Liverpool had anything to worry about.

“They just don’t have it, for me. They lack the star power, the solid defensive base and killer instinct needed to truly compete against a team of real household names from the greatest league in the world,” said the Scot, adding that the La Liga side had left such little impression on him, he would struggle to identify half their team.

“After watching Liverpool for the entire season and this Sevilla side for close to 28 minutes, I just feel Jurgen Klopp’s men are a more complete unit in every single area of the pitch.”

At press time, Souness stated that despite his confidence, he wouldn’t rule out the team who’ve won five European trophies in a decade beating the Reds, insisting that “surprises do happen”.