John Terry moves his things back into Stamford Bridge


Admitting that it was a relief to have the entire ordeal over and done with, John Terry today began the process of moving his belongings and personal items back into Stamford Bridge.

Unloading his couch, clothes and DVD player from the back of his Range Rover, the Chelsea defender revealed that he hopes his relationship with the club can move on from recent turmoil and look to the future.

“Moving out was tough but I had to do it. I knew moving all my things out of here for a week or so would really make them appreciate me more and I think it has,” said the former England captain, adding that he had received personal assurances from both Roman Abramovich and Marina Granovskaia that the club would be more attentive to his needs and more receptive to his desires.

“It killed me to leave here – I spent most of the time away checking my phone to see if they’d text me – so it’s nice to be back. Hopefully we can forget about everything that was said in the heat of the moment and grow old together like we always talked about.”

At press time, a jealous Terry was already reconsidering his decision after hearing rumours that the club were developing an interest in another centre-back.

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