Brendan Rodgers can’t wait to get started with series of Being: Celtic


Saying that he was eagerly anticipating getting back in the hot seat, new Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers today revealed that he can’t wait to get started with his new behind-the-scenes show Being: Celtic.

Speaking after his appointment as manager of the Parkhead club, replacing Norwegian coach Ronny Deila, Rodgers admitted that he was impressed with the club and believes it will come across very well in his new reality TV show.

“When you join a new club you have to look at every aspect of it, assess it and see whether it suits you. With the wonderful facilities this club has I feel it’s is in a great position to be the subject of at least one, maybe two seasons of an in depth documentary style series looking at my unique management style,” said the former Liverpool boss, adding that he had learned a lot of lessons from his spell in front of the cameras during Being: Liverpool and matured as a performer.

“I was quite young when I took over at Liverpool and I made some mistakes. Whether it was walking out of frame, or speaking too quietly for the mic to pick it up, I made some missteps. But I’m confident I can apply everything I’ve experienced to this new role.”

At press time, Rodgers was quietly sorting envelopes to hand out to his new squad ahead of his first meeting with them.

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