Pepe admits embarrassment at failure to get Atletico Madrid player sent off

(Photo: Getty Images)

(Photo: Getty Images)

Saying that he had let both himself and his team down, Pepe today admitted his embarrassment at his failure to get a single Atletico Madrid player sent off during Saturday’s Champions League final.

Speaking after his side’s penalty shootout victory against their bitter rivals, the Portuguese defender revealed that his inability to fool referee Mark Clattenberg into brandishing a red card had brought shame to his family.

“I am appalled at myself and embarrassed at my poor display. I apologise to all those that I have let down,” said the 33-year-old, adding that his long history of histrionics left him with no excuses as to how Atletico continued with a full team throughout the entire game.

“I know I can fall harder, I know I can scream better, and I know that I didn’t show my true potential in Milan.”

At press time, a remorseful Pepe promised to use the upcoming European Championship in France to improve every aspect of his gamesmanship.

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