Roy Keane a little disappointed he didn’t get to send more players home from Euro 2016 squad


Saying that he could have watched each of the devastated players leave “until the cows came home”, Roy Keane today admitted that he is a little disappointed that he didn’t get to send more players home from Ireland’s Euro 2016 squad.

Speaking just over a day after Martin O’Neill announced his 23-man squad for the European Championship, his assistant revealed that while Ireland’s manager didn’t enjoy breaking the news to the players, he happily would have done it all day long.

“It’s a difficult part of the job of course but for me that’s what football is about, the cut-throat nature and the cruelty. God I love it. Watching their pupils dilate as they realise the news isn’t going to be positive; seeing their Adam’s apples stick out; it’s one of the best feelings there is,” stated the former Manchester United captain, adding that he especially savoured instilling confidence in players ahead of the announcement, before dashing it on the day.

“That’s one of my favourite aspects of it all. You get to work with the players and you know everything you say sinks in, so it’s always fun to give words of encouragement when you know deep down they have no chance of making the squad. It just makes the disappointment all that more visceral and for me, it’s beautiful.”

At press time, Keane admitted that he was looking forward to seeing the heartbroken faces of the Ireland players when they are inevitably eliminated from the tournament.

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