Ryan Giggs to sit around and not do much elsewhere in bid to further career


Describing it as a vital step in his development as a manager, Ryan Giggs has revealed he needs to sit around and not do much away from Manchester United in a bid to further his career.

“I’ve been at Old Trafford for my entire career and it will hurt to leave. But I’ve sat around here not really getting involved for too long so it’s time I do the same somewhere else,” said the 42-year-old, adding that he would be forever grateful for the lack of responsibility he has enjoyed during his time working under two unsuccessful managerial regimes.

“Throughout my time at this wonderful club I have learned many great things, none more so than how easy it is to extricate yourself from blame during difficult periods. This is certainly a skill I will look to apply elsewhere in the future.”

At press time, Giggs admitted that while he will physically leave Old Trafford, he will remain active in questioning the future decisions made by manager Jose Mourinho.

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