Karim Benzema accuses Didier Deschamps of basing selection on which players have blackmailed teammates


In a stunning claim that could send reverberations across France, Karim Benzema today accused Didier Deschamps of basing his France selection on which players have been accused of blackmailing their teammates.

Speaking after his omission from his country’s Euro 2016 squad, the Real Madrid forward admitted that he feels the national team manager’s choice of players may have been influenced by financial threats made by him against compatriot Mathieu Valbuena.

“Something regarding the selection just doesn’t sit well with me. I have played well this season and Didier knows exactly why he chose the squad he chose,” said the former Lyon striker, adding that he believes that it’s acutely clear that Deschamps favours players who have not been implicated by allegations of extortion.

“This country has a large proportion of people who, deep down, don’t look fondly upon blackmail against teammates and I can’t help but feel that our manager has bowed to that pressure.”

At press time, Benzema also suggested that Deschamps may hold a degree of prejudice against players who were accused of engaging in sexual activity with an underage prostitute.

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