Arsenal move for Jamie Vardy in doubt as striker learns Arsene Wenger once lived in Japan


Revealing that he felt betrayed and misled, Jamie Vardy is today reportedly questioning his proposed move to Arsenal after discovering that the club’s manager, Arsene Wenger, spent time working in Japan.

Reports in the media had suggested that talks to bring the 29-year-old to the Emirates were at an advanced stage after the north London club met his release clause, however, sources close to the Leicester City forward today admitted that fresh doubt has been cast on the move in light of recent revelations.

“It’s all up in the air at the moment and it really could go any way,” said a close friend of the England international, adding that he was in still in shock hours after hearing the news.

“For Jamie to hear that a respected man like Arsene Wenger not only lived in Japan, but worked alongside Japanese people, it’s shaken him to his core. I guess it shows that you never really know people.”

At press time, a devastated Vardy was close to rejecting the move outright after being told by Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere that Wenger still occasionally visits the Asian country.

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