Kolo Toure’s tweets to be permanently inducted into Tate Modern


Saying that the works were simply too important to be lost to the passage of time, directors at London’s Tate Modern museum today announced that they would be permanently inducting the tweets of Kolo Toure with immediate effect.

Citing the Liverpool defender’s tweets as “a perfect encapsulation of the self-centred yet innocent nature of modern society at large”, gallery director Frances Morris expressed her excitement at the induction.

“We’re delighted to be able to announce the addition of these wonderful and poignant works of art to our space and we’re certain that the art-loving public will be just as happy,” said Morris, adding that talks had been going on behind the scenes for more than 18 months in a bid to secure the tweets.

“From the moment we saw Kolo’s first photos posted up on Twitter we knew that we simply had to have them. Thankfully he has entrusted us with the responsibility to preserve these beautiful works so that future generations can look upon them and learn from them.”

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