“There’s even more foreigners here than at home,” says England-supporting racist in France


Rubbing his eyes in disbelief, an England-supporting racist today expressed his horror at the number of foreigners in France after arriving in the country for Euro 2016.

Having hoped to use his time at the European Championship to get some much-needed respite from the “hoards” of foreigners at home, staunch England supporter and all-around bigot Lee Dalton revealed his disbelief that things were “even worse across the Channel than at home”.

“There’s a foreigner, there’s another one and there, another,” said the pointing xenophobe, admitting that the number of foreigners in France had given him a fresh appreciation for the relatively small numbers in England. “We have a lot of foreigners but nothing compared to this lot. Christ.”

“And at least some of ours try to learn the language, hardly any of these speak a word of English.”

At press time, Dalton was reportedly spending the first day of his legally entitled holiday, made possible by the EU Working Time Directive, to express his hope that Britain votes to leave the European Union.

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