Flocke the predicting penguin accidentally prophesies end of civilisation on July 20


In an event described by workers as both a “shock” and “highly disturbing”, Flocke, the Humboldt penguin tasked with predicting results for Euro 2016, inadvertently prophesied the end of all mankind on Thursday.

Sources say the German-based penguin was in the process of predicting the result of the Group A game between hosts France and Romania when he accidentally foretold the imminent apocalypse.

“It was very strange. The whole day was going as planned, Flocke had been fed and was in a good mood and we had all the cameras there to record it. But when he was choosing which option to go for he opted for the one entitled ‘The world will finally end on July 20’,” said Flocke’s keeper Oliver Strauss, adding that the small bird revealed that war games set to take place on the Polish border with Russia would go awry due to a misinterpreted command, leading to a full-scale NATO deployment into Moscow and the eventual annihilation of all mankind due to nuclear fallout.

“Given the fact that France and Romania were the only options, it’s a bit of a surprise. We’re all just hoping here that his prediction for Germany to beat Ukraine is wrong, at least that way we can all rest a little easier.”

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