French team hire chorus of booing actors in bid to recreate match day experience


Saying that it was an essential move to prepare the squad for the atmosphere that comes with hosting a major tournament on home soil, sources close to the French national team confirmed today that the side will train within earshot of a chorus of booing actors, hired to ready the players for the match day experience.

“We love our support base and we know how lucky we are to play this tournament in front of the French public. Saying that, we’re also aware that we’re probably one misplaced pass away from a barrage of abuse so this is a necessary measure to take,” said manager Didier Deschamps, adding that he had instructed the paid actors to specifically target some of the more volatile and sensitive squad members.

“We have a whole group we’ve recruited solely to shout and boo at Olivier Giroud. We have a feeling he might be in for a hard time during the tournament so we hope this prepares him for it.”

At press time, the actors had been joined by hundreds of passersby eager to join in with the destruction of their team’s confidence.

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