Embarrassment as sex toy has same name as horrific Euro 2016 mascot


The makers of the world-renowned Super Victor sex toy have expressed their embarrassment today after it was revealed that the company’s product has the same name as the horrific Euro 2016 mascot.

Speaking to media today, Vincent Papp, the creator of the 5.5 kilogram, 43 centimetre dildo admitted that he would take more precautions in future when naming his products.

“All of us here at Gush Industries are hugely ashamed of this entire debacle. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and our unique marketing. If we’d had any idea about this we’d have gone with something else,” said Papp, adding that he had received hundreds of complaints from sex toy enthusiasts who claim Google search results for the product had instead given results of the highly disturbing of the European Championship mascot.

“The Super Victor used for this football tournament is a wholly inappropriate figure and one that we are disappointed to have associated with our product.”

At press time, Papp admitted that he hopes UEFA refrain from using the names The Destroyer and The Pleasure Maker in future.

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