UEFA boost security measures after erecting “Please Don’t Fight” signs on streets


Describing it as an admittedly harsh but necessary measure given the violence that has taken place, UEFA have been widely credited today for boosting security measures for Euro 2016 after erecting dozens of “Please Don’t Fight” signs on the streets of French cities.

Speaking to members of the media today, head of Euro 2016 security, Ziad Khoury, revealed that while many had opposed what they call “draconian” procedures, he was sure they would have the desired effect.

“Is it a little over the top? Perhaps. But desperate times call for desperate measures and this is one of those times,” said Khoury, adding that his security team had been working with French police for more than 18 months on how best to utilise the signs.

“These people that come here to fight and cause trouble, regardless of nationality, only react to one thing: firm words against their actions. We’re confident this will work.”

At press time, Khoury revealed that in the unlikely event that the signs prove ineffective, he would consider removing the word “please” from them.

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