Horror in Nice as enormous yacht party breaks out between rival fans


The French city of Nice was hit by further clashes last night after an enormous yacht party broke out between rival fans.

Amidst a sea of half-eaten shrimp, caviar and champagne flutes, those undertaking the clean up operation discussed what they had witnessed the night before.

“It was awful, I’ve never seen anything like it. They were throwing bottles of Crystal at people quicker than they could drink them,” said one local, adding that the deck of the multi-million dollar yacht was still covered in the red stains from spilled Bloody Marys.

“Whoever was behind it, they were absolutely indiscriminate. Whether it was Russian, Irish or English fans, they didn’t care who they were giving free alcohol to. Everywhere you turned there was booze being handed out, no on could escape it.”

At press time, dozens of revellers were reportedly still recovering from severe hangovers.

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