Ireland and France in diplomatic standoff as fan dancing on car not called legend by anyone


Ireland and France were plunged into a diplomatic standoff on Monday after an Irish fan dancing on a car was not called a legend by one single person watching him.

Speaking to media, Ireland’s ambassador to France, Geraldine Byrne appealed for sense to restore calm and goodwill between the two countries.

The fan, believed to be a butcher’s apprentice from Tipperary, has reportedly been standing on the car for 36 hours, refusing to come down until at least one person calls him a legend.

“Look, all they need to do is call him a legend and that’ll be it over and done with, it’s not too much to ask,” said Byrne, adding that he is, at present, the only Irish fan in the country to not have been referred to as a legend.

At press time, her plea was rejected by the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, who said: “We cannot call every Irish man doing a silly dance a legend. We must take a stand and this is that stand.”

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