Everton fans prepare personalised boo for Ronald Koeman


Saying that they wanted to welcome their new manager in the only way they know how, Everton fans today began preparing a personalised boo for Ronald Koeman.

Gathering together to compose the tune of the boo and practice their harmonies, fans revealed that they would ensure it was in time for Koeman’s first competitive game with the club.

“It’s always great to have a new manager come in, because it gives us a chance to switch it up and get some new styles of booing going,” said lifelong fan Paul Peters, adding that he himself had earmarked six possible new boos that he’d be suggesting to his friends. “There are really so many possibilities, it’s a bright new era for us here.”

“Since Ronald is Dutch, there’s always the option to pepper our booing with something about tulips or some shit like that, so we’ll have to bear that in mind.”

At press time, fans had provisionally agreed upon a new boo, one which they say will begin in a low hum before growing to a crescendo of booming noise.