Traumatised local man welcomes return of three games a day at Euro 2016


Describing the strength taken to make it through the previous 24 hours featuring just two games, a traumatised local man today welcomed the return of three games a day at Euro 2016.

“It’s great to have the full quota of games back on television. I wasn’t sure if I’d make it through yesterday but I dug deep and battled on,” admitted 31-year-old Jim Dowling, adding that such were his struggles on Tuesday that he was close to venturing to offside.

“It was touch and go. There was a gap during which I was lost and nearly considered it to be honest. Thankfully I found a documentary about Euro 96 online so it didn’t come to that.”

At press time, Dowling was growing increasingly anxious at the thought of waiting two hours for the next televised game.

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