“Your banking reforms are overrated,” says bitter Ronaldo after Iceland draw


Describing the country’s efforts to clean up its financial system as “not as great as reported”, a bitter Cristiano Ronaldo today responded to Portugal’s 1-1 draw with Iceland by labelling the country’s banking reforms as overrated.

Speaking to media after his side’s Euro 2016 opener with the tiny European country, the Real Madrid star admitted that he was as unimpressed with Reykjavik’s much-lauded overhaul of its financial sector as he was with their tactics.

“They go around celebrating like they’ve revolutionised banking. But they didn’t. All they did was defend their nation’s citizens. Anyone can defend, there is no pride in that,” said the 31-year-old, adding that he was embarrassed for the Icelandic people.

“It doesn’t take any skill to refuse to pay bondholders. When you don’t try to negotiate repayment and you just sit back, protecting what you have, for me it shows a small mentality.”

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