Arsenal fans to be given separate section on Twitter from beginning of 2016/17 season

Describing it as the next logical step in the company’s development, Twitter today announced that it will allocate a separate section for Arsenal fans from the beginning of the 2016/17 season onwards.

Speaking to investors today, CEO Jack Dorsey admitted that the decision had been both a long time coming and welcomed by investors.

“Sometimes companies have to make decisions that are in the best interests of all involved. We feel that this is certainly one of those decisions,” said Dorsey, adding that he had originally thought of creating a separate Arsenal section on the social media platform on the first occasion that a furious Arsenal fan was retweeted onto his timeline.

The new area, Dorsey revealed, will allow supporters of the north London club to take part in some of their favourite pastimes, and will include new features including player comparisons and hourly updates on the likelihood of Arsene Wenger’s departure, as well as a designated page on which to argue over the correct age of footballers.

“Not only will Arsenal fans have their own area to speak exclusively to like minded people and truly enjoy their conversations, but the rest of Twitter will no longer have to deal with them.”

At press time, Dorsey was fast tracking the implementation of the new section after a spate of incidents in which Arsenal fans infiltrated regular conversations about other footballing issues.