Louis van Gaal hails “exhilarating” and “perfect” football on show at Euro 2016


Citing the adrenaline-pumping entertainment on offer, Louis van Gaal today hailed the “exhilarating” and “perfect” football on show during the group stage of Euro 2016.

Speaking to media today, the former Manchester United manager praised the participating national team coaches for their bravery in sending their teams to go out and play the right way.

“Watching this tournament, I have barely been able to pull myself away from the television. Each game has been an exercise in utter perfection, though there’s been a few too many goals as far as I’m concerned,” said the Dutchman, before giving special mention to Roy Hodgson’s England side for their meticulous ability to consistently pass the ball sideways.

“At so many of these tournaments you have teams pushing hard, throw the caution to the wind and score many goals. So it’s refreshing, for me, to watch some pure football.”

At press time, van Gaal revealed that he was looking forward to the rest of the competition, and couldn’t wait to see which team ends up having the highest percentage of possession.