Serial killer Irish fan enjoying lack of scrutiny


Saying that he had expected a lot more attention at this stage of his bloody spree, a serial killer Irish fan currently in France for Euro 2016 today revealed that he appreciates the lack of scrutiny in the country since his arrival.

Speaking after bludgeoning his twelfth victim in just ten days, Cliff Gorman admitted that he has received nothing but positivity during his trip.

“To be honest, it’s been way easier than I imagined. Usually there’s quite the spotlight on mass murderers but it’s been a breeze,” said the jersey-clad 29-year-old fan, adding that he has been cheered by locals upon emerging from alleyway on three separate occasions. “When they see me covered in blood, they offer to clean it up. It’s been amazing.”

Additionally, the bloodthirsty sociopath admitted the benefits of wearing his nation’s emerald green kit.

“Usually there’s a touch of suspicion due to the steely, lifeless look in my eye, but each person I’ve approached and subsequently slaughtered has welcomed me with open arms.”

At press time, Gorman revealed that he’s eagerly anticipating his next away trip with the national team.