Arsenal fan gutted Alexis Sanchez didn’t win EU referendum


Saying that he was both disgusted and disappointed with the British public, Arsenal fan Pete Raymond today expressed his annoyance at Alexis Sanchez’ failure to win the EU referendum.

Speaking outside his local polling station as Britain comes to terms with the aftermath of victory for the Leave campaign, the 29-year-old revealed that it was a damning indictment that the speedy Chilean failed to take home the win.

“I’m in shock. We live in a globalised world with opportunities and education. Yet the supposedly informed people of this country fail to recognise the brilliance of this diminutive little star,” said Raymond, adding that he was particularly disappointed in his parents’ and grandparents’ choice to ignore the Chilean’s impact since his move to Arsenal.

“For my ancestors to have lived through such difficult times and still have such an insular view of the world is shocking to me.”

At press time, the distraught Arsenal fan vowed in future to only vote on things that matter, including Twitter polls and goal of the season competitions.