“I’ll always remember how useless the rest of you are,” says emotional Messi on retirement


Lionel Messi has insisted that he will never forget how useless his Argentina teammates are, as the Barcelona forward stated that he may retire after yet another Copa America final defeat to Chile.

Speaking after the penalty shootout loss to the competition holders, Messi thanked fans and his compatriots, admitting that he would never have been able to lose so many finals without them.

“We are a team here. If it wasn’t for you guys I have no doubt that I would have won something. I recognise this and I will never forgive any of you,” said the diminutive attacker, adding that he could always rely on his teammates to counteract his qualities with their own, myriad deficiencies.

“Whether it was an overhit pass, a late tackle or simply your tangible lack of a winning instinct, your collective and individual ineptitude will stay with me forever.”

At press time, Messi told his teammates that despite their parting of ways, their inability to compliment the world’s greatest ever player will remain with him forever.