England exit just as funny hours later, world insists


England’s historic defeat to Iceland in the knockout stages of Euro 2016 on May 27 is just as funny hours later, according to the rest of the world.

Speaking to media the morning after the 2-1 defeat, sources from every other country on earth suggested that the elimination of Roy Hodgson’s side might be even funnier now.

“We thought last night was as good as it gets and that it would wear off. But after a good night’s sleep we have all found the entire situation even more hilarious than thought possible,” said one European source, adding that combined with recent political events, the result may be the funniest thing ever.

“It’s just so amazing for England to make previous failures look so competent by comparison. This is the greatest story ever told,” added an Argentinian football fan. “It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch.”

At press time, England’s squad were hailed for their most cohesive performance of the tournament, after successfully returning to their hotel without a single fatality.