“Look, we hate them,” say Wales in defence of England defeat celebration


Saying that little more explanation was required, Wales’ national team has defended its celebration of England’s defeat to Iceland by explaining that they hate England and everyone in it.

Speaking after a recording of the Wales squad celebrating England’s elimination from Euro 2016, members of the Chris Coleman’s squad stated that the revelry was little more than a manifestation of their country’s bitter and unbridled contempt for an occupying force.

“They really shouldn’t take it so personally. We simply abhor everything their country stands for, as well as their pompous stance on everything that goes on in the world,” said Aaron Ramsey, adding that people should resist looking for ulterior motives in the celebrations.

“It was a tight and entertaining game and the English government has left large swathes of our country to rot while they pump money into London. They can all go and fuck themselves and just try and forget about it.”

At press time, the Welsh FA issued a statement on the celebrations which consisted of ten pages of typed laughing.