“He’s not even white,” say newspaper in cryptic criticism of Raheem Sterling


The Sun continued its cryptic criticism of England and Manchester City attacker Raheem Sterling today by alluding to the fact the 21-year-old is “not even white”.

Speculation has been rife over exactly what the Rupert Murdoch-owned publication means by the article in question, in which they directly mention the former Liverpool star’s ethnicity 72 times throughout 200 words.

“He’s flash and blingy, he could have spent time in jail, he wasn’t born here and he’s not even white,” read the first paragraph of the piece, adding that, unlike his white teammates, Sterling is black.

The newspaper further posits whether Sterling is even English at all, given his skin colour not being white, him being black and additionally, his skin colour not being white.

At press time, sources claimed that after skewering Sterling’s teammates Dele Alli and Chris Smalling, The Sun’s article links to another on its website lamenting the problem of growing racism in England.