Cristiano Ronaldo unites teammates behind common goal of him outplaying Gareth Bale

cristiano ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo has attempted to unite his Portugal teammates behind the common goal of him outplaying Gareth Bale, according to sources.

Ahead of his country’s Euro 2016 semi-final against Wales on Wednesday, the Real Madrid striker made an emotional plea to his teammates and inspire them to victory.

“Compatriots, this is the day we have been waiting for. The day to right so many wrongs. Remember how he made you feel when he chose to go alone and shoot instead of pass to me against Villarreal last season? And who can forget the disrespect he showed when he dared to lift heavier weights than me?” the 30-year-old reportedly bellowed, informing fellow squad members that now is their chance for revenge.

“If we do not react now and show him that I am better than he, who knows what he could next? As far as we know, he could be planning on taking penalty duties from me as we speak. We cannot let this national humiliation haunt us any longer.”

At press time, Ronaldo added that if his teammates wanted to win the match while they were helping him, he wouldn’t stand in their way.