“Wales pathetic to celebrate semi-final,” says Englishman with Euro 96 tattoo

Euro '96

Saying that their happiness alone shows what a small mentality the nation has, an Englishman with a Euro 96 tattoo today mocked Welsh fans for celebrating their Euro 2016 semi-final.

Speaking after the announcement of an open-top bus parade to commemorate in Cardiff this Friday, England fan Matthew Turner revealed that he could scarcely believe how laughable the situation is.

“It’s just pathetic. But y’know, what else do you expect from a country like that?” mused the 37-year-old who still tears up when discussing England’s “amazing and inspirational” journey to the semi-finals of the tournament 20 years ago. “I guess when you have no football history, anything is considered a victory.”

At press time, the English FA announced that they would commemorate England’s achievements at the tournament by repeating the feat for the rest of time.