“I can’t believe you all actually fell for it” – Hal Robson-Kanu


Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Candidly stating that he believed that football fans and clubs were more discerning than they clearly are, Hal Robson-Kanu today expressed his disbelief that some people believe him to be a good player after his performances at Euro 2016.

The Wales striker was released by Championship side Reading at the end of the season after just five goals in 35 games, leaving him without a club heading into the tournament in France.

Despite this, impressive performances against Slovakia and Belgium have left the forward in hot demand.

The most recent interest reportedly came from Spanish giants Atletico Madrid and Sevilla, causing Robson-Kanu to finally break his silence as he questioned the intelligence of those who believed his elaborate charade at the European Championship.

“I’m flattered by the interest, of course I am. But you didn’t actually believe it, do you? C’mon, have some sense. Everyone knows that international tournaments aren’t good places to judge players,” said the former Swindon loanee, adding that any player at any level can have two good games.

“It was a little funny at first. But this is getting ridiculous. Those goals in France were literally 50 percent of my goals for Wales!”

At press time, the 27-year-old urged interested parties to take a look at his previous career record, think, and come to the logical conclusion.