€70m Draxler valuation clearest sign yet Wolfsburg actually want €30m, thinks Arsene Wenger

arsene wenger draxler wolfsburg

Saying that he would be foolish to ignore such an obvious indication from the German club, Arsene Wenger spent this afternoon quietly thinking to himself that Wolfsburg’s €70m valuation on Julian Draxler was the clearest sign yet that they actually want just €30m for him.

The North London club have been linked with the former Schalke man for the last two seasons, with several sources falsely claiming that Wenger had bid for the attacker on numerous occasions.

Sources close to the manager however have spoken of a renewed interest in recent days, with the 66-year-old reportedly encouraged by the Bundesliga side’s utter refusal to accept anything less than €70m.

“There are signals and there are signals. This is certainly a signal. Football is very much like poker and Wolfsburg, unfortunately for them, have shown their hand,” said the former Monaco coach, admitting that if there was anything he’d learned in the last five years it was that clubs are highly receptive to lowball offers for their prized assets. “They’ll rue the day they left themselves so vulnerable.”

“There was a time when I would have seen their valuation and balked. But time brings wisdom, and I now see through much of the talk. He will be a fantastic success at Arsenal,” he added.

At press time, a contemplative Wenger briefly cursed his frivolous nature, believing that he could easily have bid at least €10m less.