Pogba deal to be announced when raven flies from the East, say the elders

paul pogba raven mufc juventus

The much-protracted transfer of Paul Pogba to Manchester United will be announced when the dark raven arrives from the East, according to the elders.

Pogba’s return to Old Trafford after four years with Juventus has been the transfer story of the summer, with fans and journalists eagerly awaiting an announcement from either side after rumours of a fee being agreed.

That announcement could be a step closer today however after sources from deep within the Dark Lands revealed that, according to the elders, the deal will go through when the raven of wisdom flies from the East.

Speaking today, a party with knowledge of both the negotiations and the arid, dangerous landscapes beyond the Mountains, admitted that it’s only a matter of time before the winged bird arrives with good news.

“It has been foretold by the elders in their scriptures and visions, now we must wait,” said the source, admitting that much depends on whether the raven can evade Those Without Souls and the Window of Doom during his long flight. “The elders know all and see all.”

“The elders are older than time, and were the first to report Trevor Francis moving to [Nottingham] Forest. It will be.”

At press time, sources from the East were on red alert after one of the elders reportedly spotted the raven flying into Manchester Airport.