Worried Marouane Fellaini starting to think he no longer best player at Old Trafford 

marouane fellaini

Saying that he could feel the tide turning, a worried Marouane Fellaini admitted today that he’s starting to think that he might no longer be Manchester United’s best player.

The former Everton man was signed by former manager David Moyes and has found himself as something of a fixture under both Moyes and his successor Louis van Gaal.

However, in light of Manchester United’s high-profile pursuit of Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba, the 28-year-old has opened up about fearing for his place as the darling of Old Trafford.

“I know I’m being ridiculous, I know I am. I’m aware how silly it all sounds but I’ve just got this odd notion, y’know?” said the Belgian, revealing that in recent days he had sensed slightly less awe from his teammates. “Maybe it’s all in my head but I feel like they don’t say ‘ooh’ or ‘ahhh’ when they see me pass. I know they all love me and look up to me but I get the inkling that their attention might be shifting to the new guy.”

At press time, Fellaini insisted that despite his brief flirtation with insecurity, he will continue to push on and work hard, adding that it is his determination as well as his skill that make him a hero to all Manchester United fans.